Wednesday, December 27, 2006

KeysDAN New Year 2007 at Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort - Key Largo Florida from 8pm to Past Midnight.
KeysDAN will be playing all of the best party and dance music for you.
Make Your Next Thing A BIG One!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jonathon's Hip Hop Skateboard & Pool Par-tay Jammy Jam!
Friday was the day to be at Jonathon's on Plantation Key in the Florida Keys. The skaters had the boards flipping and flying off of a low rail while the swimmers swam and danced in and around the pool. Brian and Jude served up some Papa John's Pizza and chicken wings. I spun a nice mix of hip hop, rap, r&b, and some new rock. It was a lot of fun playing with the young folks. I had a lot of groupies checking me out while I did my thing. Who knows? There might be a future DJ/MC in the group. That would be cool. I look forward to more parties with them. I will post some pics at today. Thanks for reading this.
Public Service Message: Always Wear A Helmut When You Skate.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

This time it was Steve and Marni's...
They were having a party at there home in Key Largo to honor Lisa. The rain threatened to ruin the festivities, but these nice folks would not be swayed. I played a nice mix of southern fried rock n roll while the steaks were cooking. They were delicious thanks to the Caputo's. The rain was on and off. I was outunder a chicki hut. Meanwhile the party guests stayed under the carport of the tent. When the rain let up, the gang joined me under the chicki and got their groove's on. They danced and enjoyed each other's company. All in all, the rain didn't stop us from having a good time. I look forward to the next time. Thanks for taking the time to read this. You are too cool.
Public Service Message: Dope is for dopes.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tonight was fun at Jimmy and Rhonda's. The Johnson's family and friends were at their house in Islamorada ready to have some fun at the Holiday Party and Karaoke Jam. I got there a bit before 6 pm. The fiesta was to start at around 7 pm. The house looked beautiful and the food was delicious, thanks to Rib Daddy's Key Largo. The Ladies were all dressed up and looked beautiful in their cocktail dresses. the Gents were handsome in their slacks and light, tropical gear. It was so nice playing for such nice folks. We started early with some holiday tunes. Jimmy wanted to quickly switch it up to classic rock and oldies. At around 8 O'Clock, Mrs Rhonda welcome the guests and informed them that they all had to sing Karaoke. I made the announcement that we were going to start the Karaoke Jam. Jimmy asked for the mic and made an announcement that the guests are to have some fun. It's a "Man Law!" That was funny. A few of the party-goers sang, but more of them were there to dance and mingle. The evening was a success thanks to the Jimmy and Rhonda's fine planning. I look forward to next time that I can play for them. The last thing that Rhonda said to me was the she would "reccommend me to anyone." I do like hearing that!
Public Service Message: Drink Responsibly.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Freewheeler Vacations was the place to be.
That's right folks. That is where I had the pleasure of entertaining tonight. Mangove Mike's was the caterer. MMM MMM GOOD! John, Brandi, Ashley, Sherry and all of the staff at Freewheeler did a great job showing their employees and clients a great time. The theme for the party this year was "Peanuts" There was a blow-up Charlie Brown and Snoopy. There was a dog house. In one corner was a lemonade stand. They even had the Charlie Brown Christmas video projected on the wall for the kids (and adults too.) The festivities officially started at 5:30 in the pm. The music requested was of the holiday variety, so that's what I brought for them. The folks talked and ate and drank. Life was good. While I was mixing the tunes, I made balloon animals for the kids as a bonus. The children really seemed to like it. What kid doesn't like balloons? At about 8:15 pm, John came by and requested some more mainstream tunes, so I whipped up some 70's and 80's tunes up in the mix. I played that until the party ended at 9:30 pm. I know that it was an early night. What can I say? It was an office appreciation party. John was so nice. At the end of the night he said that he would "pencil me in for next year." That felt really good. I do look forward to playing for theses nice folks again. If you are planning a trip or looking to buy a house, call these nice people at Freewheeler Vacation and Freewheeler Realty in Islamorada in the Fabulous Florida Keys. I have a few pics that I will post in the next week at
Public Service Message: Party Safely

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Two days, two weddings, one place...
That's right folks. I spent the last two days doing what I like to do best for work: Entertaining. This weekend KeysDAN had three weddings. DJ Sky was at the Cheeca for Dave and Heather's Wedding. He said that his went well.
I can write first-hand about the two wedding that I did at the Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort. Friday night it was my great pleasure to play DJ/MC at the wedding of Heath & Deanna. It was a cool and windy evening. It looked like it might rain. As usual in the Florida Keys, the rain stayed at bay. The wedding ceremony was presided over by Gerald F Radson from Ft Lauderdale. He was very funny. The music for the ceremony and cocktails was provided by KeysDAN's very own Caribbean Passion steel drum duo. They are very good indeed. After cocktails the wedding party guests made their way to the second floor of Gus' Grille at the Marriott. I was already set up there and was playing some nice easy love songs. I made the bridal party introductions. The first dance of the bride and groom and of the bride and her father were done. The speeches were very nice. I continued to play easy love songs for the dinner portion of the reception. After dinner we had a fun cake cutting, bouquet toss, and garter belt toss. For dancing, Heath and Deanna asked for a mixture of Jimmy Buffet, 80's tunes, and Hip Hop. So I gave the people what they wanted. They danced a lot. I will post the pics that I took of them in the next week at
Last night, I was at the Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort again with another fine group of folks. This time it was to honor the marriage of Robert & Alison. The ceremony was beautiful. I got there more than two hours early so I could see the ceremony. (I love weddings!) It was a beautiful ceremony with a string duo providing the music. They were good. I will have them on my website soon. I was all set up by the time the good people were ready to come up to the second floor of Gus' Grille. They wanted a mixture of brazillian, swing and easy rock music for dinner. Of course, that is what I played. The bridal party was introduced as they walked in. They had their first dance. The father of the bride, Roger, gave a nice long speach, thanking everyone that he knew at the reception. That was nice. I like it when everyone at the party feels like they are a part of the reception, and not just the bridal party. I went around myself to every table and made sure that everyone was doing well. After dinner, they had a fun cake cutting but they dispensed with the formalities of bouquet and garter belt tossing. We got into a fine blend of disco, swing, 80's, and hip hop. The people danced and laughed. I have pictures that will be posted this week on
I do like being a DJ. Looking forward to the next week.
Call on me anytime.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Can life ever really be too good? I really want to know. I am not rich by any means, but I am very happy with how my life is turning out. If you have been reading my posts, you already know that I love my job. It is a very good life indeed. I was a firefighter for 10 plus years in Key Largo and I also worked at Baptist Hospital of Miami for 7 years in the ER and Air Transport Helicopters. Those were very fine jobs. I always found myself going back to doing radio and entertaining at parties part time. That was my first ambition. Even in High School I was the dude with all of the records and seemed to have the sense to know when to play what. Those were good times that carried into my college years. I was the frat boy that didn't drink alcohol. I had a psychology major with a minor in communications. This was a perfect start for me as a "people person" to really get a feel for what folks liked and did not like. This early training has been built upon and carries on today. It is my great pleasure to serve you.So how many of you feel like I do? Did you make the career choices that have satisfied you? Doctor, Lawyer, or Indian Chief... anything at all. I want to hear from you.
Public Service Message: Stay in School, Mind your teachers.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another fun night at the Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort. This time it was to honor the marriage of Steven & Deborah. The evening could not have been prettier. Captain Slate performed the ceremony. He did forget to turn the microphone on but he speaks with such a commanding voice it was hardly noticed. Guitar music was provided by Rick West, a local favorite here in Key Largo. At 6:30 in the pm, it was on to the second floor of Gus' Grille for the reception. The photographer tonight was Julie Goodacre all the way from Naples. She said that she liked the drive and loved the location. I am so fortunate to be here. I also took a bunch of picture that I will post at this week. The staff of the Marriott was excellent as usual, headed up tonight by Scott and Angela. Make sure that when you call Kathy at the Marriott to book your events, tell them "KeysDAN sent you." They may charge you double, but at least I get my name out there. Isn't that important as well? Steve & Deborah had an ecclectic mix of pop, rock, disco, ska, swing, and a whole lot more. I had so many of their family members and a lot of staff too, tell me how much they enjoyed my performance. That is "music" to my ears. I know that I have written this before but I will write it again, I Love My Job!
Now I need to post a public service message: Don't Smoke Crack

Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's 5:21 in the am, so I think I will post.Another day of Booking Weddings, making commercial spots, and Web Designing. Pretty much just doing what I do for money. I have, however, been at it all day and all night until now. It is way past time to take a break. Scarface is on AMC for about the 12,000th time. The family is sleeping and I am in the home office. It is a blessing when I can work from home. I wonder how many others here do most of their business from home. I do have to go out and meet clients from time to time. Of course, I do get to leave the homestead when I am off "rockin' the mic" at yet another party. I definitely don't mind leaving the house for that. People smiling, people dancing and having fun. This is due, in no small part to me on the digital wheels of steel. I just got another satisfaction survey from a satisfied bride from last weekend. That is the best way that I can judge my performance. I am so hard on myself. People often tell me that I am the greatest Disc Jockey - Master of Ceremonies that they have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I do like that a lot. I try to give a great show. I strive to be better than I am. I never want to hear that the "DJ Sucked." Is all of this worrying the reason that I don't sleep much? Could be. I don't see myself changing anytime soon. I have people counting on me. I have performers that I agent for. They need jobs too. If you ever want to work harder than you ever did, and make less than you ever have, start your own business. If I were to calculate the hours that I work against the weekly "Cha-Ching," I would laugh. I try to let the accountant worry about such things. Well, since I don't want to rest so much that I make more that the minimum hourly wage, I will go back to work. Stay cool.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We are family...I often wonder in my profession, what makes a good party song? I know that there is a top 100 in every genre that is updated weekly. But what makes one song make more people "shake their groove thing" than another. Of course this question needs to be answered in several parts. There needs to be answers for each genre. An answer for each era. Every age group will have a different answer on what makes a good party song. On my website, the top 200 most requested songs changes every week. There are, however, quite a few songs that stand the test of time. The top 200 dance songs as I have them at this time is as follows:1 Ac/Dc You Shook Me All Night Long 2 Abba Dancing Queen 3 B-52's Love Shack 4 Morrison, Van Brown Eyed Girl 5 Outkast Hey Ya! 6 Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama 7 Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me 8 Black Eyed Peas Let's Get It Started 9 Sister Sledge We Are Family 10 Kool & The Gang Celebration 11 Clapton, Eric Wonderful Tonight 12 Commodores Brick House 13 Bee Gees Stayin' Alive 14 Sir Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back 15 Usher Feat. Ludacris & Lil' Jon Yeah 16 Lonestar Amazed 17 Village People Y.M.C.A. 18 James, Etta At Last 19 Diamond, Neil Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good) 20 Beatles Twist And Shout 21 Black Eyed Peas My Humps 22 Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody 23 Sinatra, Frank The Way You Look Tonight 24 Bon Jovi Livin' On A Prayer 25 Temptations My Girl 26 Wild Cherry Play That Funky Music 27 Brooks, Garth Friends In Low Places 28 Nelly Hot In Herre 29 Rascal Flatts Bless The Broken Road 30 Foundations Build Me Up Buttercup 31 50 Cent In Da Club 32 Dj Casper Cha Cha Slide 33 Armstrong, Louis What A Wonderful World 34 Buffett, Jimmy Margaritaville 35 Seger, Bob & The Silver Bullet Band Old Time Rock & Roll 36 Presley, Elvis Can't Help Falling In Love 37 Dexy's Midnight Runners Come On Eileen 38 Big & Rich Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) 39 Lauper, Cyndi Girls Just Want To Have Fun 40 West, Kanye Feat. Jamie Foxx Gold Digger 41 Grandmaster Slice Electric Slide (Shall We Dance) '92 42 Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby 43 Kc & The Sunshine Band Get Down Tonight 44 Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z Crazy In Love 45 Loggins, Kenny Footloose 46 Jones, Norah Come Away With Me 47 Aerosmith I Don't Want To Miss A Thing 48 Gaye, Marvin Let's Get It On 49 Rednex Cotton Eye Joe 50 Checker, Chubby The Twist 51 Stefani, Gwen Hollaback Girl 52 Sean Paul Temperature 53 Mcgraw, Tim With Faith Hill It's Your Love 54 Pink Get The Party Started 55 Romantics What I Like About You 56 Franklin, Aretha Respect 57 U2 Beautiful Day 58 Gaynor, Gloria I Will Survive 59 Timberlake, Justin Sexyback 60 Jackson, Michael Billie Jean 61 Ciara Feat. Missy Elliott 1, 2 Step 62 Prince Kiss 63 Travolta, John & Olivia Newton-John Grease Megamix 64 Sinatra, Frank Fly Me To The Moon 65 House Of Pain Jump Around 66 Green, Al Let's Stay Together 67 Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me 68 Sorta Crackers Band Chicken Dance 69 Krauss, Alison When You Say Nothing At All 70 Violent Femmes Blister In The Sun 71 Cole, Natalie With Nat King Cole Unforgettable 72 Adams, Bryan (Everything I Do) I Do It For You 73 Brooks & Dunn Boot Scootin' Boogie 74 Ub40 Red Red Wine 75 Shakira Feat. Wyclef Jean Hips Don't Lie 76 Jackson, Michael Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough 77 Adams, Bryan Summer Of '69 78 Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love 79 White, Barry Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe 80 Hot Chocolate You Sexy Thing 81 Lifehouse You And Me 82 Taylor, James How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) 83 Tone Loc Wild Thing 84 Young M.C. Bust A Move 85 Connick, Jr., Harry It Had To Be You 86 Black Eyed Peas Pump It 87 Pussycat Dolls Don't Cha 88 Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink, Christina Lady Marmalade 89 Urban, Keith Making Memories Of Us 90 Simon & Garfunkel Cecilia 91 Eagles Hotel California 92 Journey Faithfully 93 Stewart, Rod Have I Told You Lately 94 Springfield, Rick Jessie's Girl 95 Kc & The Sunshine Band (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty 96 Madonna Holiday 97 Weather Girls It's Raining Men 98 White, Barry You're The First, The Last, My Everything 99 Timberlake, Justin Rock Your Body 100 Earth, Wind & Fire September 101 Furtado, Nelly Feat. Timbaland Promiscuous 102 Rihanna S.O.S. (Rescue Me) 103 Smith, Will Switch 104 Martin, Dean That's Amore 105 Los Del Rio Macarena 106 Outkast Feat. Sleepy Brown The Way You Move 107 Aerosmith Walk This Way 108 K-Ci & Jojo All My Life 109 50 Cent Candy Shop 110 Jackson 5 Abc 111 Bega, Lou Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of...) 112 Dion Runaround Sue 113 Right Said Fred I'm Too Sexy 114 Black Eyed Peas Hey Mama 115 Beatles I Saw Her Standing There 116 Blunt, James You're Beautiful 117 Deee-Lite Groove Is In The Heart 118 Strait, George I Cross My Heart 119 Prince 1999 120 Cascada Everytime We Touch 121 Mcgraw, Tim My Best Friend 122 Sade By Your Side 123 Kelis Milkshake 124 Beach Boys Kokomo 125 Womack, Lee Ann I Hope You Dance 126 Queen Another One Bites The Dust 127 Nelly, P.Diddy & Murphy Lee Shake Ya Tailfeather 128 Cherry Poppin' Daddies Zoot Suit Riot 129 Four Seasons December 1963 (Oh, What A Night) 130 Sledge, Percy When A Man Loves A Woman 131 Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell Drop It Like It's Hot 132 Idol, Billy White Wedding 133 Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl 134 Beatles All You Need Is Love 135 Beastie Boys Brass Monkey 136 Spears, Britney Toxic 137 Smith, Will Gettin' Jiggy Wit It 138 Gap Band You Dropped A Bomb On Me 139 Gabriel, Peter In Your Eyes 140 Twain, Shania From This Moment On 141 Summer, Donna Last Dance 142 A-Ha Take On Me 143 Prince Let's Go Crazy 144 Joel, Billy Piano Man 145 Elliott, Missy Feat. Ciara Lose Control 146 Rihanna Pon De Replay 147 Tone Loc Funky Cold Medina 148 Soft Cell Tainted Love 149 Digital Underground The Humpty Dance 150 Destiny's Child Bootylicious 151 Cline, Patsy Crazy 152 Smash Mouth I'm A Believer 153 Cash, Johnny Ring Of Fire 154 Setzer Orchestra, Brian Jump Jive An' Wail 155 Sinatra, Frank New York, New York 156 Wang Chung Everybody Have Fun Tonight 157 Orbison, Roy Oh, Pretty Woman 158 Morrison, Van Moondance 159 Clarkson, Kelly Since U Been Gone 160 Jackson, Alan & Jimmy Buffett It's Five O'clock Somewhere 161 Twain, Shania You're Still The One 162 Manilow, Barry Copacabana (At The Copa) 163 Idol, Billy Mony Mony 164 Bee Gees You Should Be Dancing 165 Temptations Ain't Too Proud To Beg 166 Savage Garden Truly Madly Deeply 167 J-Kwon Tipsy 168 Sinatra, Frank Come Fly With Me 169 James, Rick Super Freak (Part 1) 170 Abba Take A Chance On Me 171 Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved 172 Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian 173 Matthews Band, Dave Crash Into Me 174 50 Cent Disco Inferno 175 Black Eyed Peas Don't Phunk With My Heart 176 Checker, Chubby Let's Twist Again 177 Gaye, Marvin Sexual Healing 178 Madonna Hung Up 179 Meat Loaf Paradise By The Dashboard Light 180 Brooks, Garth The Dance 181 U2 With Or Without You 182 Journey Open Arms 183 Presley, Elvis All Shook Up 184 Sean Paul Get Busy 185 Sinatra, Frank I've Got You Under My Skin 186 Jackson, Alan Remember When 187 Beatles In My Life 188 Mclean, Don American Pie 189 Madonna Vogue 190 Kid Rock Cowboy 191 Aguilera, Christina Ain't No Other Man 192 Santana Feat. Rob Thomas Smooth 193 Clarkson, Kelly A Moment Like This 194 Chicago You're The Inspiration 195 98 Degrees I Do (Cherish You) 196 Dion, Celine Because You Loved Me (Theme From "Up Close And Personal") 197 Bee Gees Night Fever 198 Alabama Mountain Music 199 Joel, Billy Just The Way You Are 200 Stray Cats Rock This Town
Are these the songs that you want to hear at your parties this year? Are there any songs that you don't want to hear ever again. Be honest with yourself. There are songs on this list that you love to hate. In public, you will say, "I am so tired of hearing that one!" In the privacy of your home or car, you will turn it up and get "Jiggy with it." These are my thoughts at 4:57 in the am on a Tuesday.Call on me anytime...

Monday, November 27, 2006

It's 3:37 in the am on Monday. It is a good time take a break and post a bit. I do have a few queries in my gray matter at this time. I have made the acquaintance of many seemingly nice people on MySpace. How will that pan out? Is MySpace Just another place on the internet for boys to oogle the girls? Is it another place on the world wide web for the girls to be oogled by boys? I don't know I am asking? Will it help to put food on the table at my house? Will it help you to have a comment on my MySpace page? Many questions, I have. Many answers, I have not. I don't like the posts that are simply thinly veiled chain letters, so don't repost this. I do want to make friends and possibly new clients. So reply if the urge hits you. What do you do for a living? Yet another question. Not that you asked, but the career that I have chosen is entertainer. This includes being a Professional Broadcaster, Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies and Agent. I am also a web designer. My hobbies are photo and video. So there is a little about me. Let me know about you. I am at your service if the need arises. Feel free to check out my website. I am adding new pages of information all of the time. Have A Great Day

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Had a blast last night at John and Kimberly's wedding.
Their family was so beautiful and they came to party. I am still wired from the show. It was at the Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort. If you have the means, I suggest that you consider that as a possible location for your wedding or special event. The staff, led by Captain Scott tonight, is right on time and the location is beautiful - especially at sunset. Susan Ashmore was the officiant. She was very good as usual. You should look her up when you want to have your nuptuals done right. She adds just the right amount of humor and class to the ceremony. After the ceremony I moved to under Gus' restaurant. It was a perfect day to have an outdoor cocktail hour. After cocktails we moved to the upstairs reception room. It was very informal and very fun. They wanted me to play all kinds of tunes from disco, to rock, to funk, to dance, to house, to ol' skool hip hop and the new hip hop and r&b. It was mad excellent! I really love playing at weddings and parties. It's good to be me. Call on me anytime.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Is that a light on in KeysDAN's office? It's late at night and KeysDAN is working late again. Yes it's true. I am in for an all-nighter. Just making sure that all of the events that I am entertaining at this weekend go as smoothly as possible. Can you ever prepare too much? I don't think so. I trust that everyone had a great day yesterday. Mine went very well. I actually took some time out to spend with family. It is really good to do that from time to time. Your family are the people that will most likely stay at your side. Love 'em or not, your family is YOUR family. I digress, stay in school and don't do drugs. Call on me anytime...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why am I still up?
I often think, well... almost daily, that I will get to sleep at a decent hour today. It doesn't appear that today is "THAT" day. Here I am at 4:20 in the am posting messages and watching movies. I am also working on websites and setting up for upcoming shows. I know that work is never done. You have to stop sometime and take breaks. I suppose that I just haven't figured out when. I have been doing this for more than 20 years. Don't leave a job half finished. Get 'er'done! I suppose that even though I know change is a good thing, I don't think that my work ethic ever will. I can always take a break after I am dead. So much to do. Call on me anytime.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The life of an entertainer: You go to work at 9.... pm! You work until the wee hours of the morning. By the time you get home, you are so wound up from a great show that you just can't get to sleep right away. It's a strange existance. It's not quite like working the night shift, because in the daytime you still have to be up so you can get that phone call, so you can book that next gig. Can't miss that phone call. If you do, they just go on to the next guy. I have a family to feed too. I care that my clients have the best show possible. You want your event to be perfect and so do I. So why is one DJ booked and not another? Is it mostly about price? I would like to think not. You do get what you pay for. I have been told so many times that I don't charge enough for all that I do. I believe that to be a great compliment indeed. The best compliment is a referral from my satisfied customers. Now THAT feels good! These are my blurbs at 3;30 in the am. Call on me anytime to "Make Your Next Thing A BIG One!"

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm in the mood to jam, simply because I can...
Just taking a break from listening to some classic rock music. I am watching Conan while I write to you. Masi Oka, who plays my favorite character on "Heroes." The man is just so intense. I hope to see big things from him in the future. The interview is going very well. This is the first time that I have seen him in interview. He is coming off very likeable. He is taking to stardom very well. You may not know this but he does a pretty good human beat box. He was on the cover of time as a young lad for being an "Asian Whiz Kid." He seems like a nice guy. I really do like that show. If you haven't yet, check it out Mondays at 9pm eastern on NBC. I don't sound too much like a cheerleader do I. (No pun intended.) back to work. Tonight its work on websites.Save the cheerleader... save the on me anytime. It's great to be alive... Party On!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Insomnia is not such a bad thing. I stay up all night working. I have a company to run and a family to feed. Did you ever think that there are not enough hours in the day? I think that all of the time. I want every event that I perform at to go perfectly. So I spend a lot of time working out the details of every show, be it a wedding or otherwise. I am currently working on about 20 upcoming events or so, 3 websites, and several commercials. Sometimes you need a break. So I took this one to report to you. To whom it may concern. I really like the profession that I have chosen. It is my pleasure to entertain you. Call on me anytime.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Had a wonderful time at David and Julia's wedding at Hawk's Cay last night. They were such nice people. I have so many new fans. I had so many people that complimented me on my DJ skills and style. They were so impressed with the way that I mixed it up. I played all of the music that they wanted to hear. That was simple because I gave them my online planning form including the music request list. They picked a lot of great tunes. I was impressed! They particularly liked Widespread Panic. When I played those songs, that dance floor filled up nicely. I played some old, I played some new - After all, it was a wedding. Satisfying the young and aged as well. The staff at Hawk's Cay is great as well. I am told that the food was delicious. I will post the pictures that I took real soon. I look forward to a week of chatting with brides and grooms and all kinds of party people. The holidays are coming. Lots of days off. Lots of good reasons to have a good time. Party on!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Another fine week of booking wedding and events and making comercials is over. I am ready for the weekend. It's race weekend at the Homestead-Miami Speedway and the streets are full of cars heading towards the stadium for a weekend of NASCAR racing.
I have a wedding tomorrow on Duck Key and I am very excited about that. I love my life. Call on me anytime.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Had an incredible weekend! Two weddings last Saturday, November 1th, 2006. DJ Sky did the Wedding for Juan B & Nicci at the Coconut Palm Inn in Tavernier, Florida Keys. They haven't called me yet, but I am sure that they had a great time.
I had the honor of entertaining at the wedding of Joseph & Candice at the Cheeca Lodge & Spa in Islamorada, Florida Keys. It was so much fun. I had a lot of work to do to make sure that it went smoothly on the entertainment and audio side. I had to set up three systems for the event. One for the ceremony, one for the cocktail hour and one for the reception. It was a real challenge moving around, but I think that it went off without anyone knowing how hard I worked. I like to make it look easy. I really like doing events at the Cheeca Lodge. The staff is very nice. Next weekend I have a wedding at Hawk's Cay on Duck Key in the Florida Keys.
Call on me anytime. The days are filling up quickly. Everyone wants to party with KeysDAN.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hello to you,
Oh yes I am doing just fine. Parties all of the time. I do like the profession that I have chosen. I get to meet new people all of the time and play for and with them. It's a great feeling to have people in front of you smiling and knowing that you are a big part of that. I trust that all is well by you and yours. I hope to see you real soon and possibly entertain you.
Call on me anytime...
I took some time out of my busy day to listen to the Dave and Anastasia show on 9412. Those guys are good. They were so sweet. When I showed up in the chat room they gave me a "shout out" on the air and played some good ol' blues - which you know I love. It was good to chat with cool people and listening to some good music. I miss doing my regular show in the morning. A man's got to do what a man's got to do. I will try to get on and guest spot from time to time. It's a real hoot.
call on me anytime,

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I know that I have said it before, but I will say it again: "I love my job!" I had the pleasure of talking to so many people today about their various events. I just wish that there were more weekends in a year. Then there would be more parties. You know that I like to "get down" with the folks. Please let me know how I can help you Make Your Next Thing A BIG One!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's now 2:55 in the A.M. on Sunday. I am still up from the wedding that I was priviledged to be a part of. KeysDAN had two weddings today. One was done by Caribbean Passion. Since I was not there, I canot report on how it went yet. I will get that report to you as soon as possible.
The wedding that I was physically present at was the Ashmore-Lindmar wedding. I am happy to say that it was a great time. It ran pretty smoothly. The vows were beautiful, the bride was beautiful, the food was beautiful and the DJ, yours truly, was, shall we say, beautiful!
I had such a good time with their families and friends. I look forward to doing more events with their group. I do appreciate so much the priviledge of having this job. I know that it is a lot of responsibility. I am happy to handle the job.
until next time...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

KeysDAN Radio DJ Promo

As A Graduate of Connecticut Schools of Broadcasting, KeysDAN has been able to gain the knowledge and skills to be your "voice." KeysDAN can do it all. From Radio to Television to Print and all points in between. With all of the knowledge and trivial nonsense in KeysDAN's head, he can keep people interested for hours and hours.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Life is good when you are a DJ like me. I have had a fun week talking to folks about entertaining at their various functions. I get to participate in the best times of people's lives. It's great when the people are having fun. I can almost feel the energy coming off of a crowd of happy people. In turn, I feed off of that energy. Without the crowd, I am less. I really appreciate the people letting me be a part of their special occassions. It's great to be an entertainer.
Call on me anytime. It's a great day for a party.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Saturday was a total blast! I got to play at the KeysGate School Harvest Fest 2006 from 9am until 5pm. Working 9 to 5 what a way to make a living! It was good to be outside for a change. There were many activities to be done: Bounce house, giant slide, dunking booth, food. By far the best activity was the paint ball tent. I was right next to it playing fast paced music to go with the "extreme" sport. I had so many kids and parents ask me if I would play at their parties. I was even asked to come back next year! Of course I would. I have a full week planned. Tello you more later.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I had my first day of work as Sales Manager at Radio Ritmo 102.5 FM in the Florida Keys. I also had a great show in the evening on-air at Radio Ritmo tonight. I do look forward to big things here on the radio. You can catch Radio Ritmo online at You can always find me at
Ciao for now.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Had my last regular show yesterday morning on It went very well. When i announced that I was leaving the AM shift on the rock station, I got a ton of emails and IMs wondering why I was leaving. I had to get back on the air and explain further that I had taken a position as the BIG CHEESE at a small FM station. As I explained before, I am now the General Sales Manager of WPIK Radio Ritmo 102.5 FM in the Florida Keys.
I am so stoked to start my new job. I will miss the rock n roll. The format at the new job is more of a bilingual easy listening station. I will be able to do on-air all English shows to balance out the spanish ones. It's going to be great. I look forward to creating a huge listener fan base, not just in the Florida Keys & South Florida, but also all over the planet listening live on
as usual, call on me anytime,

Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend went by way too quick. Had and extra long show today on - The Rock Station. Randy Fender, the afternoon guy, was out sick so I took the shift. It was fun and exhausting at the same time.
I was offered a position at WPIK Radio Ritmo 102.5 as the General Sales Manager. You can find it on the web at I will start on Wednesday. Tomorrow will be my last regular show on 9412. I will still do guest shows from time to time.
In addition to being Sales Manager, I will be doing shows on-air, producing commercial spots, promoting, and webmaster. Its a lot of work, but I am ready, willing and able. I like the responsibility.
I will still be available to DJ & MC various events throughout South Florida as KeysDAN.
Call on me anytime.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Friday show on 9412 - the rock station is in the can. I got in and had a fun time rockin it the only way I know how. It's good to be me. I appreciate the priveledge of helping to make people's days go by so much better. It's an honor to entertain you at your events as well. I look forward to meeting you all.
Have a great weekend. Party on!
More fun than a barrel of monkies today on 9412 - the rock station. I got in a bit late but had fun rockin it until Randy got in. I am so looking forward to the weekend. It's so nice to be me. My life is working out pretty well. I would like to have the priviledge of helping more people make their parties successful.
Take care of you,

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Had a heckuva show today on 9412 - The Rock Station. Did a whole 4 hour show on the ladies of rock n roll. I thought it went pretty well. had a lot of requests for lady songs. It was a good time indeed. I like doing that every once in a while. Keeps people on their toes and paying attention. I look forward to tomorrow's show. I wonder what I will be in the mood for when I wake up. Stay cool everybody. Winter is near. Call on me anytime...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Doubleshots a plenty on 9412 - The Rock Station today. It was a fine morning show. I really do appreciate my listeners. I help them through their days by playing some good tunes to make the day (particularly workdays) seem to go by so much quicker. Thanks for the priveledge of letting me be your morning show guy.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Had a wonderful weekend. It was an honor and priveledge to be the DJ/MC at the Crissey wedding last Saturday at the Miami Beach Rod & Reel Club. It is a beautiful room. The ceremony was just outside on the dock. Alison Rene was the harpist. She was most excellent. Towards the end of the ceremony and cocktails, it started to rain. So the folks came in to the ballroom where I was already set up and waiting for the happy people to show. Chef Ray prepared a wonderful meal. After dinner and the formalities were over--cake cutting, boquet tossing, and garter belt tossing-the folks were ready to dance. After a few drinks the people were ready for a heaping helping of "jiggy." So, with the suggestion of latino music and hip hop, I gave the people what they wanted. The people danced and danced.
I called Cedrick the steel drumer who was running the Lenninger wedding for me to see how things went. He said that they would get off of the dance floor. I love it when a plan comes together.
Today's KeysDAN Radio Show on 9412 - The Rock Station went really well, I thought. I started out playing songs with girl's names in them. The response for requests for these types of songs was good. Then they veered off of that theme, which was ok by me. Good music is good music. I like to play for the people.
Until next time,

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday is finally here. Friday the 13th no less. All is well by me and mine. I had a fantastic radio show today on Looking forward to tomorrow. I have two weddings and they are going to be a great time. One wedding in Key Largo and one in Miami Beach. I do like weddings. They are always full of hope and new beginnings. The people generally are in good spirits and I feed of off that energy. It's a beautiful thing indeed.
I have also been working on my MySpace pages. I have two right now: &
Check them out and let me know what you think.
Call on me anytime

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Had a terrific show today, Especially the last hour. I got into a featurette from the soundtrack for the movie "The Big Lebowski" (1998) starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. One of the listeners in the chat room asked who did the song "What condition my condition was in" and I went ahead and played the Kenny Rogers & the First Edition Version from the soundtrack. I also played Bob Dylan's "The Man in Me," Santana's "Oye Como Va," and the Eagle's "Peacful Easy Feeling." After that I played Elvis' version of "Viva Las Vegas" because I think Shawn Colvin's version from the movie might have been too knew. Besides, I like Elvis Presley's music. I also played a couple of Elvis covers by Cheap Trick and ZZ Top. All of that was followed by Mojo Nixon's "Elvis is Everywhere."
It was a good time. Who Knows? I may pull out the Resevoir soundtrack tomorrow. Lot's of good tunes there.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Life is good. I had a great Radio Show today on Lots of folks from all over the world were writing in and telling me how great my music picks were. I am glad that I am getting such a good response from the fans. It really makes me feel good and it makes me want to keep going.
I also spoke to manyhappy brides and grooms. I really enjoy doing weddings and other types of events as well. I really think that my career decision has been the right one for me. I love music and I love to have a good time with people. I get to meet all kinds of folks. All they want is to have a fun time. I am happy to help.
I know its only Wednesday but I am really looking forward to this weekend. I have two weddings set up. Its very exciting.
Look me up.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I listened to a new Radio Show last night on The Dave and Anastasia show live from Lower Arkansas. They are planning to be on from 8pm - 12 mid (central time) Monday - Friday. I look forward to listening again tonight. My show was a lot of fun today and yesterday. I have such a great audience. It is really great when they ask for so many requests. It really makes my job that much better when I know what the people want to listen to. Looking forward to tomorrow's show.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hello all,
Saturday was a fun day. Yours truly spent the day working on the KeysDAN Mobile. Thanks to my pa Johnny, my brother Kenneth, Joe's Salvage yard, and myself, we made a team worthey of Nascar. I am now officially a grease monkey. Today looks to be mostly uneventful. So why am I still typing. Stop me now..

Friday, October 06, 2006

Today is my daughter, Destyn's 14th birthday. She is a great kid. I am very proud of her. She lives very far away from me so I don't get to see her much. I am happy that we do get to communicate in numerous other ways.
It was another fun Radio Show today on Lots of great requests came in. The people really have diverse taste in their music likes. I do my best to accomodate them all. Good music is just good music. I am looking forward to a great weekend.
I do have a sad point to make: A friend and co-worker, Nicolas James (aka Tropical Freedom - Steel Drummer) has passed away this week. His viewing is tonight from 7pm - 10pm at Bernardo Funeral Home in Kendall, Miami, Florida. My prayers go out to his family, especially his sister, Shirley, whom he was living with at the time of his death. Nicolas "Tropical Freedom" James will be missed.
Call on me anytime...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another fabulous day in paradise. With all of these good days, how can I have a base of comparison? No Complaints. My radio show was fun on I look forward to everyday. It's another chance to give the people a heaping helping of jiggy. I enjoy making people happy. After the show, I spent the day talking to people about planning the entertainment at their various events. I look forward to each and every event. They are all the same, and they are all unique as well. It's a chance to meet real nice people and have fun with them. (Making a paycheck is not a bad thing either.)
Ciao for now...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Wednesday edition of the KeysDAN Radio Show on 9412 - The Rock Station is now"in the can." I had a blast as always giving the people what they want. Having the request feature on the show makes me feels more in tune with the listeners. I am glad to be of service. I wish that there were more listeners. If you read this, tell your friends about 9412 - The Rock Station. I have a BIG mouth and I would like to be heard by the masses.
Thanks so much

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Tuesday edition of the KeysDAN Radio Show on 9412 - The Rock Station was so much fun today. I had my hands full with all of the great requests and doubleshots. Please keep on coming by from 8a - 12p Central Time and help yourself to a heaping helping of good time rock and roll.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Another succesful show today (IMHO) on the rock station, internet radio. I have a blast bringing the music to the masses. Be sure to tune in Monday - Friday from 9a - 1p (Eastern Time.) It's fun and interactive. You can make requests and actually hear your reqests played. Join me please.
Another fantastic time last night at the Riverside Hotel in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Burt and Nickola and their family had a great time doing the reggae thing with me at their wedding reception. I also was priveledged to provide the music for their wedding ceremony as well. I will post the pictures that I took real soon here: Photographs.
More to come....

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Had a great time at Alejandro & Jessica's wedding last night (2006-9-29). I wish it could have lasted longer. They are off to a great start of their life together. What a nice family! I will have pictures of their wedding posted this week at

Thursday, September 28, 2006

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Call on me anytime.
Daniel Gilson