Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2007-03-17 Miguel & Sheryl Wedding at the Palms Hotel - South Beach, Miami, Florida

You have to love a Latin-American Party. Today happened to St Patrick's Day and Spring Break was going on strong. Traffic was a bear on South Beach. I got to the Palms and set up very quickly and the wedding of Miguel and Sheryl was under way. The bride and groom looked beautiful and the guests looked great as well. The ceremony was presided over by Matthew Sparks. I met up with Danella from "Precious Memories of a Lifetime" Wedding planning." We have worked together many times before. I set up the larger sound system inside the Palms' banquet room for the reception. For the cocktail hour, I played some of the slower songs that the happy couple had requested from my online music request list. The folks looked wonderful while they had their drinks and coconut shrimp. After the cocktail hour was over, the guestwere invited into the banquet room for the dinner and fiesta. Danella brought me a last minute change on the line up and I announced the bridal party. The newly nuptual two then had their first dance to Kenny Chesney's "You and Me." The speeches were then made by the best man, maid of honor, and mothers of the bride and groom. They were very heartfelt with lots of tears. It was beautiful. The groom then danced with his mother to the song "Mama" by Boys II Men. For dinner music, Miguel and Sheryl requested some tropical island and lite reggage tunes. After dinner, I took the duo through the traditional cutting, bouquet and garter belt tossing. The groom had a lot of fun with his seductive dance before taking the garter off of his blushing bride. It was now time to get the folks dancing. Miguel likes the 80's, Sheryl likes hip hop, the family likes latino music, so I had my work cut out. I am always up to the challenge. The Party was hot. I was sad when it had to end. A lot of the party people came up to me and said that they wanted more. All things must come to an end. Congratulations to Miguel and Sheryl. Many happy years to come in wedded bliss. The pics that I took are here: 2007-03-17 Miguel & Sheryl Wedding at the Palms Hotel - South Beach, Miami, Florida

Public service message: Always obey posted speed limits.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

2007-03-10 Craig & AJ Wedding at the Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort - Key Largo, Florida Keys

What a gorgeous day for a wedding! The winter day was warm and sunny in the Florida Keys. The guests looked so bright and colorful. They were also very tan. I could tell that they had been soaking up the rays all week. The steel drum band, Caribbean Passion, and myself, arrived at 4pm. The ceremony was scheduled for 5 pm so there was plenty of time to set up. I met with Garth and Paul (the event captains at the Key Largo Marriott) to make sure that we set up in the proper spot. I had the steel drummers set up under the tiki hut, as usual. They started up as the guests started to arrive. I met up with Donna McGlaughlin, the photographer, to make sure that we were where she wanted us for optimal photo opportunity. She is very good. We kept in touch throughout the evening so she wouldn't miss any of the great moments. Captain Slate performed the ceremony. He is so good. He adds just the right ammount of humor to keep people smiling throughout the whole ceremony. After the ceremony, I invited the guests to a cocktail hour under Gus' Grille. I helped Caribbean Passion move the drums over to the cocktail area. That took about 5 minutes and they were going again. The folks were smiling and drinking and eating. at 7pm, it was time to invite Craig and AJ's guests upstairs for dinner and dancing. I announced the wedding party and the happy couple had their first dance to "This Will Be An Everlasting Love" by Natalie Cole. They danced so sweetly. After that, Bill & Kim, the best man and maid of honor respectively, made their formal toasts to the bride and groom. The bride cried after Kim's speech. What a moment! I knew that dinner would be ready at 7:30pm, because I asked Garth earlier, so I asked that the guests please start for the buffett styled meal. It's great to be on time. After dinner, we had a few more formalities to take care of before the real dancing could begin. I led Craig and AJ through the cake cutting, bouquet and garter belt toss. That was a lot of fun, but not as fun as what was coming next. It was time to dance... and dance, they did. The couple of the night picked out an extensive list of disco, hip hop, r&b, country and ol' skool. Combined with the requests that the guests gave me through the night, it was a really good time. I am so happy for Craig and AJ. I wish them well in their lives together. I will post the pics that I took at http://www.keysdan.com/ soon.

Public Service Message: Don't drink and boat.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2007-03-03 Steve and Angela Wedding at Marker 88 Restaurant Islamorada, Florida Keys

Tonight was the night for a lunar eclipse. Nothing could eclipse the love that Steve and Angela were feeling for each other. I got to Marker 88 Restaurant at 5pm to set up for the evenings festivities. The staff was already busy putting the finishing touches on the tables. The sun was getting low and the guests were set to arrive at arround 6:30 pm. I put on some steel drum music until Burt the Steel Drummer could make it over from the ceremony. The first guests began to arrive and gather arround the outside bar for cocktails. All of the family and friends were dressed colorful, tropical garb for the wedding ceremony and reception. Burt the Steel Drummer arrived on the scene, so I shut down and let him wow the crowd for a bit. I got together with Holly the wedding planner from HS Events to go over details to make sure that it would be perfect for the happy couple. They arrived shortly afterwards by boat. It was lovely. They had a special flag that they raised up the flag pole. Then the guests were invited by me to come to the dinner area. Steve and Angela danced their first dance as husband and wife to "For Once In My Life" by Michael Buble. The bride then danced with her daddy, Bob, to The Stylistics - "You Are Everything." James Taylor's "You've Got A Friend" provided the background for the groom and mother dance. Dinner was great. The folks were dancing to all of the slow songs that were picked out. I do love pre-planning! The father of the bride temporarily took over the duties as master of ceremonies and announced all of the family and friends that had words of encouragement for the couple of the night. There were so many, including the bride's younger brother's presentation of a baseball cap to the groom. The cake cutting ceremony was next and then a presentation of the bouquet and garter to their aunt and uncle that were married for Fifty (50) years. Then it was time to boogie down. The honorable Steve and Angela had tunes picked out from disco to country to rock to pop. The guests were smiling and dancing and laughing and drinking. It was a good time. I had a few requests that I was able to throw in as well. Ah yes. I remember the "Sweet Home Alabama" and bringing "Sexy Back." There were quite a few 80's tunes thrown. You have to like Depech Mode. It was an excellent group. Steve and Angela have great family and friends. The pictures that I took are posted here: http://www.keysdan.com/2007-03-03_Steve_Angela_Wedding.htm.

Public Service Message: It's 5 O'Clock somewhere. Designate a driver.