Monday, February 26, 2007

2007-02-23 Sualys Graduation Party at a Private Residence on Plantation Key, Islamorada, Florida Keys

With all of the weddings that I do, it is nice to get wild at an old fashioned house party. There was cause for celebration tonight. Sualys graduated from Radiology School. I have had the honor of knowing this young lady for many, many years. She is an inspiration. It is only right that she gets a day of celebration. The music of the night was a blend of Latino and Ol' Skool Hip-Hop. So I brought it. The party was hype. The folks were dancing and laughing and sweating. I had a blast playing for them. This was especially pleasing for me because I knew a lot of the party people. My mom was even there. So I had to do especially well. Quite a few of the guests said that I was awesome. I never get tired of hearing that. Just trying to get better and better. All the best to Sualys. I look forward to playing for them again. I have posted the pictures that I took here:

Public service message: Do your best!

Monday, February 19, 2007

2007-02-17 Michael & Jennifer Wedding at a Private Residence in Key Largo, Florida Keys

Today was the big day for Michael and Jennifer and it was such a nice evening for a beach wedding. There was a bit of a cold front that came in but that wasn't going to put a damper on anyone's fun. I got there to set up the music an hour early as usual and many of the guests were already there. So I set up quickly and got some great old love songs on to set the mood. The wedding planner from Busy Brides met up with me and we made sure that we were on the same page. I set up a microphone for the ceremony and the officiant, Vince, made a short sound check. All was going well. The caterer got with me and let me know that dinner would be ready around 7:30. That was plenty of time. The ceremony was to start at 5 pm. I called the guests over to the ceremony area at 5:45 pm. The ceremony was beautiful and went off without a hitch. The bride didn't want the traditional music played for her procession and recessiom. She picked out an instrumental cover of Van Morrison's "Sweet Thing" from the "Into the Mystic" album. For the recession, Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line." It was very special. The guest were then invited by me to a cocktail hour while the bridal party got pictures taken in front of what was left of the sunset. I played some steel drum and island for the folks. The bridal party lined up around 7:15 and I announced them. the family and friends were great with their clapping and whistling and hollering. The first dance of the bride and groom as husband and wife was another Van Morrison tune, "Into the Mystic." The father-daughter dance was Jimmy Buffet's "Little Miss Magic." The guest were ready for dinner after that and Bob's B-B-Q had prepared a great meal of lobster, fish, and other goodies. After dinner, the best man and made of honor made toasts to the happy couple. Then I took them though the cake cutting, bouquet toss and garter belt toss. Then the real party could start. It was time to turn the folks out. The beach in front of the DJ table was turned into a dance floor. The music choices were everything from disco to country to rock to hip hop. The guests were dancing and laughing and keeping each other warm. The reception was awesome! Michael and Jennifer are off to a great start on their life together. I will post the many pictures that I took at this week.

Public Service Message: Wait 1/2 hour after eating before swimming.
2007-02-10 Kahlil's Cowby Theme House Party in the Redlands, Miami, Florida
As an entertainer, I love to get the chance to play for all ages. This was no exception. Kahlil was three (3) years old and ready to have some fun. His family and friends were joining in as well. Red Nose Productions was hired by Kahlil's mom, Camille, to set up a tent, various vending machines, pony ride, bounce house, Woody character, and yours truly for the Cowboy KeysDAN Show. The family and friends were on hand to partipate in the many games that I had in store for them. I was hired in dual capacity as Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremoies. This was no prblem for me because I do it all of the time. It was fun being the game master as well. Since it was a cowboy themed party, I made sure that all of the games followed in suit. I used some of the cowboy hats that I had in my box of tricks to play the passing games. I also got a chance to practice my ballon twisting techniques. The party people wanted to hear the new Disney pop tunes and the new country music as well. This again was no problem at all. When I was ready to leave, the kids said that they "had fun" with me. I said "thanks" to all of them and rode off into the sunset. Good times. The pictures that I took are online at 2007-02-10 Kahlil's Cowboy Theme Party. Check them out.

Public Service Message: There are decaffinated coffees that are just as tasty as the regular kinds.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2007-02-03 Jeremy & Kimberly Renaissance Wedding at the Spanish Monastery - North Miami Beach, Florida
Fantasy and reality came together on this very special day. I had the priviledge of entertaining on this occasion. Jerermy & Kimberly went all out for their nuptual celebration. I was also very proud of the many guests that got into the theme of the day by coming in either renaissance or midevil garb. The groom and groomsmen were all a splendor in their kilts. The bride and the bridesmaids were stunning in their wench wear. The bride was especially lovely. Yours truly, KeysDAN, was also sporting a kilt for my master of ceremonies and disc jockey duties. I got there at about 2 pm and I was assisted by mixmaster Tim DeMattio. He was decked out in a jacobite shirt and looking the part. The staff of egg whites catering was already busy setting up the food stuffs. The wedding planner, Yuri, was also taking care of the last minute details. I was instructed to set up the sound and video projection in the open courtyard of the monastery. I put on some bagpipe music until the three live pipers were ready to begin. The ceremony was scheduled to start at around 4 pm. The bridal party went into the main chapel followed by the pipers and last, but by no means least, Kimberly, the blushing bride. After the ceremony, the cocktail hour began in the outside yard. There was a four piece renaissance band playing and a court jester on stilts and juggling. They were great. Rain threatened to ruin the outdoor activities, so "plan b" had to take effect. Tim and I moved the audio & video under cover in record time. The festivities were on again. I did the announcements and first dances. The toasts and speeches were done. Dinner was served. I played some of the lighter rock tunes that the bride and groom requested. After dinner, I took the happy couple through the cake cutting, bouquet tossing and garter belt traditions. Then it was time to dance, dance, DANCE. The people came to boogie. Jeremy and Kimberly had a wide variety of tunes to choose from. I started with the disco then moved in to the hard rock. Then, it was country time. The party people were dancing and they wanted more. I had several requests for some of the new hip hop. So I opened a fresh can of "bump-n-grind." The kids were digging it. Meanwhile, there was a gentleman reading runestones behind the DJ booth. I was told that the trolley busses were leaving and the party was finishing. The folks said, and I agree, that the party ended "too early." I could have gone all night with these nice people. I felt a lot of love. I also was happy to hear all of the compliments thrown my way. That makes me feel really good. I am very happy for Jeremy and Kilixzimberly. They are off to a great start on their life together. I look forward to playing for them again. The pictures that I took are posted at

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