Wednesday, December 27, 2006

KeysDAN New Year 2007 at Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort - Key Largo Florida from 8pm to Past Midnight.
KeysDAN will be playing all of the best party and dance music for you.
Make Your Next Thing A BIG One!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jonathon's Hip Hop Skateboard & Pool Par-tay Jammy Jam!
Friday was the day to be at Jonathon's on Plantation Key in the Florida Keys. The skaters had the boards flipping and flying off of a low rail while the swimmers swam and danced in and around the pool. Brian and Jude served up some Papa John's Pizza and chicken wings. I spun a nice mix of hip hop, rap, r&b, and some new rock. It was a lot of fun playing with the young folks. I had a lot of groupies checking me out while I did my thing. Who knows? There might be a future DJ/MC in the group. That would be cool. I look forward to more parties with them. I will post some pics at today. Thanks for reading this.
Public Service Message: Always Wear A Helmut When You Skate.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

This time it was Steve and Marni's...
They were having a party at there home in Key Largo to honor Lisa. The rain threatened to ruin the festivities, but these nice folks would not be swayed. I played a nice mix of southern fried rock n roll while the steaks were cooking. They were delicious thanks to the Caputo's. The rain was on and off. I was outunder a chicki hut. Meanwhile the party guests stayed under the carport of the tent. When the rain let up, the gang joined me under the chicki and got their groove's on. They danced and enjoyed each other's company. All in all, the rain didn't stop us from having a good time. I look forward to the next time. Thanks for taking the time to read this. You are too cool.
Public Service Message: Dope is for dopes.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tonight was fun at Jimmy and Rhonda's. The Johnson's family and friends were at their house in Islamorada ready to have some fun at the Holiday Party and Karaoke Jam. I got there a bit before 6 pm. The fiesta was to start at around 7 pm. The house looked beautiful and the food was delicious, thanks to Rib Daddy's Key Largo. The Ladies were all dressed up and looked beautiful in their cocktail dresses. the Gents were handsome in their slacks and light, tropical gear. It was so nice playing for such nice folks. We started early with some holiday tunes. Jimmy wanted to quickly switch it up to classic rock and oldies. At around 8 O'Clock, Mrs Rhonda welcome the guests and informed them that they all had to sing Karaoke. I made the announcement that we were going to start the Karaoke Jam. Jimmy asked for the mic and made an announcement that the guests are to have some fun. It's a "Man Law!" That was funny. A few of the party-goers sang, but more of them were there to dance and mingle. The evening was a success thanks to the Jimmy and Rhonda's fine planning. I look forward to next time that I can play for them. The last thing that Rhonda said to me was the she would "reccommend me to anyone." I do like hearing that!
Public Service Message: Drink Responsibly.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Freewheeler Vacations was the place to be.
That's right folks. That is where I had the pleasure of entertaining tonight. Mangove Mike's was the caterer. MMM MMM GOOD! John, Brandi, Ashley, Sherry and all of the staff at Freewheeler did a great job showing their employees and clients a great time. The theme for the party this year was "Peanuts" There was a blow-up Charlie Brown and Snoopy. There was a dog house. In one corner was a lemonade stand. They even had the Charlie Brown Christmas video projected on the wall for the kids (and adults too.) The festivities officially started at 5:30 in the pm. The music requested was of the holiday variety, so that's what I brought for them. The folks talked and ate and drank. Life was good. While I was mixing the tunes, I made balloon animals for the kids as a bonus. The children really seemed to like it. What kid doesn't like balloons? At about 8:15 pm, John came by and requested some more mainstream tunes, so I whipped up some 70's and 80's tunes up in the mix. I played that until the party ended at 9:30 pm. I know that it was an early night. What can I say? It was an office appreciation party. John was so nice. At the end of the night he said that he would "pencil me in for next year." That felt really good. I do look forward to playing for theses nice folks again. If you are planning a trip or looking to buy a house, call these nice people at Freewheeler Vacation and Freewheeler Realty in Islamorada in the Fabulous Florida Keys. I have a few pics that I will post in the next week at
Public Service Message: Party Safely

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Two days, two weddings, one place...
That's right folks. I spent the last two days doing what I like to do best for work: Entertaining. This weekend KeysDAN had three weddings. DJ Sky was at the Cheeca for Dave and Heather's Wedding. He said that his went well.
I can write first-hand about the two wedding that I did at the Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort. Friday night it was my great pleasure to play DJ/MC at the wedding of Heath & Deanna. It was a cool and windy evening. It looked like it might rain. As usual in the Florida Keys, the rain stayed at bay. The wedding ceremony was presided over by Gerald F Radson from Ft Lauderdale. He was very funny. The music for the ceremony and cocktails was provided by KeysDAN's very own Caribbean Passion steel drum duo. They are very good indeed. After cocktails the wedding party guests made their way to the second floor of Gus' Grille at the Marriott. I was already set up there and was playing some nice easy love songs. I made the bridal party introductions. The first dance of the bride and groom and of the bride and her father were done. The speeches were very nice. I continued to play easy love songs for the dinner portion of the reception. After dinner we had a fun cake cutting, bouquet toss, and garter belt toss. For dancing, Heath and Deanna asked for a mixture of Jimmy Buffet, 80's tunes, and Hip Hop. So I gave the people what they wanted. They danced a lot. I will post the pics that I took of them in the next week at
Last night, I was at the Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort again with another fine group of folks. This time it was to honor the marriage of Robert & Alison. The ceremony was beautiful. I got there more than two hours early so I could see the ceremony. (I love weddings!) It was a beautiful ceremony with a string duo providing the music. They were good. I will have them on my website soon. I was all set up by the time the good people were ready to come up to the second floor of Gus' Grille. They wanted a mixture of brazillian, swing and easy rock music for dinner. Of course, that is what I played. The bridal party was introduced as they walked in. They had their first dance. The father of the bride, Roger, gave a nice long speach, thanking everyone that he knew at the reception. That was nice. I like it when everyone at the party feels like they are a part of the reception, and not just the bridal party. I went around myself to every table and made sure that everyone was doing well. After dinner, they had a fun cake cutting but they dispensed with the formalities of bouquet and garter belt tossing. We got into a fine blend of disco, swing, 80's, and hip hop. The people danced and laughed. I have pictures that will be posted this week on
I do like being a DJ. Looking forward to the next week.
Call on me anytime.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Can life ever really be too good? I really want to know. I am not rich by any means, but I am very happy with how my life is turning out. If you have been reading my posts, you already know that I love my job. It is a very good life indeed. I was a firefighter for 10 plus years in Key Largo and I also worked at Baptist Hospital of Miami for 7 years in the ER and Air Transport Helicopters. Those were very fine jobs. I always found myself going back to doing radio and entertaining at parties part time. That was my first ambition. Even in High School I was the dude with all of the records and seemed to have the sense to know when to play what. Those were good times that carried into my college years. I was the frat boy that didn't drink alcohol. I had a psychology major with a minor in communications. This was a perfect start for me as a "people person" to really get a feel for what folks liked and did not like. This early training has been built upon and carries on today. It is my great pleasure to serve you.So how many of you feel like I do? Did you make the career choices that have satisfied you? Doctor, Lawyer, or Indian Chief... anything at all. I want to hear from you.
Public Service Message: Stay in School, Mind your teachers.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another fun night at the Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort. This time it was to honor the marriage of Steven & Deborah. The evening could not have been prettier. Captain Slate performed the ceremony. He did forget to turn the microphone on but he speaks with such a commanding voice it was hardly noticed. Guitar music was provided by Rick West, a local favorite here in Key Largo. At 6:30 in the pm, it was on to the second floor of Gus' Grille for the reception. The photographer tonight was Julie Goodacre all the way from Naples. She said that she liked the drive and loved the location. I am so fortunate to be here. I also took a bunch of picture that I will post at this week. The staff of the Marriott was excellent as usual, headed up tonight by Scott and Angela. Make sure that when you call Kathy at the Marriott to book your events, tell them "KeysDAN sent you." They may charge you double, but at least I get my name out there. Isn't that important as well? Steve & Deborah had an ecclectic mix of pop, rock, disco, ska, swing, and a whole lot more. I had so many of their family members and a lot of staff too, tell me how much they enjoyed my performance. That is "music" to my ears. I know that I have written this before but I will write it again, I Love My Job!
Now I need to post a public service message: Don't Smoke Crack