Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009 at 1:23pm - Featured Artist - Prince Markie Dee - Mark Anthony Morales, better known by the stage name Prince Markie Dee, is an American rapper, songwriter, producer, and radio personality. From the early-1980s until the early-1990s, he was a member of the Fat Boys, a pioneering rap group. The song "Prince Markie Dee - Beggin For It (KeysDAN Radio Edit)" is on the playlist now. Search the playlist under "P" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at more

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The American Red Cross urges businesses and community to prepare against swine flu:
The recent documented cases of swine flu in several states across the U.S. and in a growing number of other countries may cause many people to wonder what they can do to better protect themselves right now.
As health experts around the world seek to better understand the scope and severity of the swine flu outbreak, this is a good time for individuals, families, businesses and organizations to review and update their emergency preparedness plans.
Offer Flu Preparedness Education in your workplace
The American Red Cross, Broward County and Greater Miami & The Keys Chapters is offering free flu preparedness education as part of an OSHA-sponsored workplace education pilot. The Red Cross will provide a free educational seminar to employees to help your business and our community prepare for flu outbreaks.
In return for the presentation, the Red Cross asks participating workplaces to commit to:
· Assessing employee and workplace knowledge and awareness of Pandemic Flu and its effects
· Administering evaluation surveys on the day of the training event
· Participating in on-site workplace inspections and interviews
To request a workplace flu presentation, please call 866.797.7990 or via email at

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hanging out at FIU Graduation All Day Until 6 pm. Playing Music for the New Grads 2009.Come by and say "Hello"

Monday, April 27, 2009

KeysDAN will be at FIU all day today playing music for the new graduates. Congratulations to the new Florida International University Grads. You have worked hard to get the diploma. Now we have a day of fun before you go out into the world and get jobs. Smooth sailing to all.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I just got a note from Will To Power's Bob Rosenberg:Hey Dan,This is my latest single. It is not available on WTP page but is all over the internet at Amazon, Itunes and tons of outlets in Europe where the 12" is starting to make noise.It was officially released on Jan. 20th but I did not start to promote it in the US yet. It is getting great response from the DJs that ordered it. Still Fading Away Dynamix IIAlso, this is a mix by Dynamix II of Dreamin' that he did a couple years ago on his own. A lot DJs are asking for it (it's on my Myspace page) but I am waiting to release it with another track. It is not downloadable on WTP page either. It is very different.Dreamin' Dynamix IIHope you can use these. The people love them on my Myspace page.BobOf course I am going to use them. The Music You Want Is On:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Charlotte McKinnon of Company B will be performing live this Wednesday on American Idol with KC and the Sunshine Band!

Monday, April 20, 2009

THE ORIGINAL SATURDAY NIGHT DANCE & DISCO PARTY IS GOING TO EUROPE!..WE ARE BRINGING YOU HAZELL DEAN (Searching, The Say It's Gonna Rain, Always Doesnt Mean Forever)..SATURDAY, APRIL 25TH. Doors open at 9pm...Get THERE EARLY!!! THE CLUB 2340 SW 32nd Avenue. 305.668.3555 for VIP Reservations.
MIAMI FREESTYLE INVASION II... MAY 30 at The Bank United Center at the Univ of Miami... Over 15 acts!!! Including: SEQUAL, COMPANY B, EROTIC EXOTIC, THE VOICE IN FASHION to name a few!! WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHO THE HEADLINERS ARE!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jayquan Update: I have added the song Jayquan - I Can't Stop to the playlist. Come by and request it anytime. Search the playlist under "J" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at more

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Featured Artist - Jayquan - Jayquan has always had a passion for music. Being surrounded by entertainers all his life, Jayquan got his first taste of the business hanging around with his mother, who was a dancer for the legendary Tito Puente, and his father who was lead singer of a Doo-Wop group called The Emeralds. Radio KeysDAN has Jayquan ft. JuBoii - Role Play on Rotation. Come by and request. . Search the playlist under "J" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at more

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Featured Artist - Lil' Suzy - Suzanne Casale Melone aka Lil' Suzy is highly regarded as one of the top freestyle singers and is popular for various club hits such as "Take Me In Your Arms", "When I Fall In Love" and "Can't Get You Out of My Mind'". She was named Billboard magazine's Best New Dance Artist in 1992. She currently tours the country performing all of her popular hits. She also performs with Angel the Original Cover Girl and Lisette Melendez under the name of S.A.L. Search the playlist under "L" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at
Radio KeysDAN is the music you want. You can tune to almost any radio station and listen to the playlist that the Program Director feeds you. Have you ever wanted to be a Radio DJ? Here at Radio KeysDAN, you are! Simply click the Request Button at, find your favorite artist and song, click the Blue Request Button and in Minutes your song will be played here. Isn't that cool?!? The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Featured Artist - Exposé - Exposé is a American vocal group. Originally consisting of lead vocalists Ale Lorenzo, Laurie Miller, and Sandra Tola. The current lineup consists ofAnn Curless, Jeanette Jurado, and Gioia Bruno. The group was popular in the mid 1980s and early 1990s, and just like label mate Taylor Dayne, its first seven singles reached the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, including the 1988 #1 hit "Seasons Change." The group actively toured and recorded music from 1985 to 1995. Search the playlist under "E" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at more

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Featured Artist - Nu Image, Tony G - Since you, the fans, have been requesting Nu Image so much, I have added more tracks to the playlist. The new selections are Nu Image - "Forbidden Love," "Memories," "Our Love Is Over" & "What I Have Found." Search the playlist under "N" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at more
Featured Artist - Erotic Exotic - Originally the backing band for the Arista girl group "Expose" Miami based Erotic Exotic were at the forefront of the 80's dance movement known as Freestyle. Their signing to Atlantic Records heralded an unprecedented period in the post Disco era reviving the Dance music scene in America. Search the playlist under "E" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at more

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Featured Artist - Company B - Company B was a dance-pop trio formed in 1986 by Cuban-American producer Ish "Angel" Ledesma (Foxy, Oxo), featuring members Lori L. (Ledesma), Lezlee Livrano and Susan Johnson. After their self-titled debut album, Livrano and Johnson were replaced by Donna Huntley and Julie Marie. Search the playlist under "C" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at more
Featured Artist - Hilda Mariee - HILDA MARIEE (Formerly of TEAZ II PLEAZ) "Why Did You Have To Lie" Has a video from the Sandee Memorial Concert at Superwheels. Check out the link here:

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Matt Cusson. I just received Matt Cusson's self titled album. It is wonderful. I have put the whole album on the request list. Come by and tap the blue request buttons next to Matt Cusson's name under the "M" section and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at
Featured Artist - Smokey Robinson - I have just gotten the new single Smokey Robinson's upcoming album. The Song is called "Girlfriend." It has that smooth sound that we all love from the legendary Motown artist. Search the playlist under "S" and click it to play it. The Music You Want is on Radio KeysDAN at

Monday, April 06, 2009

Featured Artist - Will to Power - I am happy to announce that legendary Miami DJ, Bob Rosenberg of Will To Power, has given me access to his music catalog. I have taken the liberty of putting the songs on the playlist. You may search the playlist and request these songs anytime. The "hits" include "Dreamin," "Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird (Free Baby)," and "Say It's Gonna Rain." But there is more, so much more to hear. Search the playlist under "W" and bang those blue request buttons on Radio KeysDAN at
Featured Artist - Sequal - Radio KeysDAN is happy to announce that Sequal is back with a vengeance. I had the pleasure of watching them perform at the Sandee Memorial Concert at Superwheels in MIami, Florida. They sang and danced with gusto and vigor. It's incredible how much chemistry was reflected in their performance. If you get a chance to see them perform live, I suggest that you do so. Sequal's Manager, Scott Haslett, handed me their latest track, "My Love For You." I took it home and played it. I knew right that it had to be featured on Radio KeysDAN at Request Sequal - "My Love For You" on our website. more

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Featured Artist - Amy Tori - Imagine! Honey sweet vocals dripping over today’s cutting edge grooves, and you’ve just been abducted by AMY TORI. Her Goddess powered vocal combined with trance inducing rhythms create an atmosphere of both Passion & Electricity. It will leave your body in Ecstasy until the very last beat. This is the world of AMY TORI. more on Radio KeysDAN at
Featured Artist - Shizzio - East London based UK rapper Shizzio is back! Currently promoting his new mixtape ‘Invasion of Privacy’ (The Life and Times of Joe Daki Vol: 2). The 20 track mixtape is available to download FREE at (direct link: ) and features the massive Miami & Venezuela number 1 hit ‘Put up your Breitling’ and ‘Go Girl’ featuring Fire camp! More at Radio KeysDAN on
April 2, 2009 at 3:33am - Featured Artist - Clear Touch - Born and raised in the Bronx, Clear Touch's success began in the 90's. With Freestyle hit's such as "Surrender Your Love" and "Fallen Angel" their self-titled album hit music charts across the country immediately upon releasing their 1st single. "Surrender" had topped the charts within only a weeks time. more on Radio KeysDAN at