Sunday, April 29, 2007

2007-04-21 Alexander & Kristine Wedding at Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort in Marathon, Florida Keys
It was a gorgeous day in Marathon in the fabulous Florida Keys. The setting was perfect for Alexander and Kristine to conduct their nuptuals. The wedding was to begin at 6pm. I arrived at just past 4pm to set up the music. The staff of Tranquility Bay were already busy getting things ready for the grand occasion. As the start time approached, news that started like a bad joke was relayed to me. "The priest and the rabbi are stuck in traffic." The tent was up, the tables, the chairs, the flowers were all in readiness. The groom was smiling, handsome and anxious. I kept the pre ceremony music going until just a little past 6pm, the officiants made their entrance. The bride asked for some very specific music to come down to: the soundtrack to the movie "Ever After." it was very sweet. Like a fairytale princess, the beautiful bride, Kristine, made her way down the beach to the ceremony area. The priest and the rabbi were very humorous in their delivery. Then, without much warning, a cloud came overhead and opened up. At first the officiants were in the mindset to finish up and then duck for cover under the tent. Logic prevaled and the entired party gathered under the big tent and the nuptuals continued. The rest of the ceremony was a harmonious blend of Jewish and Catholic tradition. The rain stopped and the bridal party and family were able to get some sunset photos with Donna McLaughlin and video with Paula Vieceli. The rest of us remained under the tent for a cocktail hour. The staff of the resort were wonderful. Alexander & Kristine made their way back to the tent for their first dance as husband and wife. The song was Garth Brooks - "To Make You Feel My Love." The Bride dance with her father to "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. For the groom and his mother, Sade's "By Your Side" was chosen. I was told that dinner was tasty. Afterwards, it was time to boogie. The music requested was a fine blend of rock, swing and hip hop. I threw a few goodies in to keep the folks on the dance floor. I saw lots of smiling faces. The bride made a costume change into a blue party dress and rejoined the guests. We danced and danced into the evening. The pictures that I took are here:

Public Service Message: Always keep an umbrella handy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2007-04-14 Jeremiah & Kelly Wedding at Key Colony Inn - Key Colony, Marathon, Florida Keys
From the Beatles to Hip Hop to Good ol' Rock 'n' Roll. Today was the BIG day for Miah and Kelly. It could not have been a more lovely day on Key Colony Beach. The wedding ceremony was to start at 6pm, so I arrived at 5pm to setup the outside sound system and the inside sound system. I also met up with Jill the officiant and I got a sneak peak at Miss Kelly, who showed to survey the ceremony site. It appeared to be satisfactory, so she snuck back to her room to get gussied up. I started playing some jazzy guitar as requested by the bride. Jeremiah and the guests arrived shortly after. He looked great in his Guayabera shirt. The rest of the guest were very colorful as well. I saw a group that was particularly colorful in their bright pink and blue tropical shirts. I was told that they were a family from the Bahamas. The ceremony started a little after 6 pm. It was very sweet. After the ceremony was completed, I invited the guest to the cocktail hour at the Key Colony Inn. The bridal party was off to get their pictures taken by Bob Summers. I got to the Key Colony Inn reception room where I had set up the larger sound system. I started playing some of the slower rock songs that were requested by the happy couple. At about 7:30pm, the bridal party arrived. So I played Louis Armstrong's "Our Love Is Here To Stay" and made the introductions and they had their first dances. They really wanted to show appreciation to their family and friends so they had me invite them to join them in their first dance. Their song was another song by the Ol' Satchmo "A Kiss To Build A Dream On." The bride and groom also wanted their family and friends to join them for the parent dances as well. That was very sweet. It made everyone feel like a part of the celebration. The toasts were next. The best man, Marlon, father of the bride, Tim, and bridesmaids, Liesl and Loren all made very heartfelt speeches. It was beautiful. Then it was dinner time. About halfway through dinner, Jerry, the father of the groom told me that he wanted to say a few words. He was very funny. After dinner, Miah and Kelly cut the cake and then it was time for the real party to begin. The request list that they came up with was a fine blend of rock, pop, and hip hop. The folks were laughing and dancing and having a blast. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I had a lot of the party people telling me that I did well. I am so happy to have been a part of Jeremiah and Kelly's wedding day.The pictures that I took are located here:

Public Service Message: Keep your receipts.