Saturday, September 15, 2007

2007-08-31 Scott Retirement Party at Holiday Isle Resort & Marina, Islamorada, Florida Keys

"Take this job and shove it!" That was the theme of this shindig. It was a goody. I got to play for folks that I have known for so many years. Personally having worked at Holiday Isle in the late 80s, (revealing my age) I was happy to be a part of Scott's big send off. He was shown much love and respect by his co-workers. Many great speeches were given with lots of humor injected. I wish Scott all the best in the "Golden Years." The pics that I took are here:

Public Service Message: Wind your watch; even if it is made of gold...
2007-08-25 Terese Pebbles Baby Shower at Regent Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida

The theme was "Miracle Child." The reason was that "pebbles" has had so many health problems in her life and was told that conception would be nearly impossible. She certainly proved that it was maybe "improbable" but not "impossible." The weather on the penthouse on Miami's South Beach threatened to pour down in the open air. It never did. Another "Miracle?" Perhaps. THe games were so much fun. Ms. Pluke, the party planner, told me that there might be some apprehension to participation at first. The group warmed up rather quickly and the games were on. We had relay games and motherhood games. It was so much fun. I wish Ms. Pluke all the best in her new endeavor as party planner. My thoughts are with Therese and her baby to come. Parenthood changes everything as she will soon find out. The pics that I took are here:

Public Service Message: Try cloth diapers...
2007-08-18 Rafael & Lindsey Wedding Marriott Key Largo Bay Resort, Key Largo, Florida Keys

I have said it so many time in the past, "I love working the ballroom at the Key Largo Bay Marriott. The room was beautiful, the family and friends were beautiful, and the bride and groom? You guessed it, Beautiful!" I really enjoyed this crowd. They were so sweet and the family came to party. It was a Latin-American group of people. So you know that they knew how to dance. And dance, they did. Rafael & Lindsey have so many sweet friends and family that just wanted to help and make sure that everything was as perfect as possible. I don't believe that the bride and groom will ever know the many folks "behind the scenes." I had so many family members and friends come to me to make sure that I was on top of things. Of course, I was. Rafael & Lindsey are off to a great life together. They have a great support team. The pics that I took are here:

Public Service Message: Don't be afraid to ask for directions...