Monday, May 07, 2007

2007-04-28 Timothy & Jill Wedding Snook's Bayside Restaurant Key Largo, Florida Keys

It could not have been a more beautiful day to celebrate the nuptuals of Timothy and Jill. I knew that I had quite a bit of work setting up for the big day. I arrived just after 4 pm to find the staff of Snook's already working to make the area look as perfect as can be. I set up the main sound system on the stage outside. Then I set up the smaller sound system on the peninsula where the ceremony would be held. The beautiful owner, operator, and wedding officiant of Snook's Bayside made here way to the microphone for a mic check. She was satisfied and went back to leading here fine crew in the preparation. The guest were to arrive at around 6 pm, so I had lite music playing for their arrival. The ceremony started shortly afterwards. It went off beautifully. I invited the guests to the outside cocktail area for and hour of drink and snack foods. Meanwhile, I snuck the ceremony sound system to the inside dining room in preparation for the dinner portion of the evening. After the bride and groom were done with the majority of their pictures. The guests were invited inside for some dinner. Halfway through, the happy couple made their way outside again to take advantage of the beautiful sunset that Snook's is known for. The best man man had his toast, the cake was cut, it was time to party -- and party, we did. They danced, danced, danced until the end. Pop, rock, disco, salsa, merengue and swing. The bride even got the courage up to sing a song a capella. It was so sweet, Good times had by all. I am so happy for Timothy & Jill. The pictures that I took are posted here:

Public Service Message: Assign a designated driver.

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